Your Pacha purchases help provide soap and fuel livelihoods worldwide through small-scale soap shops, clean water initiatives
and other sustainable ventures around the world! By purchasing our all-natural, environmentally safe and artfully crafted bath products, you provide opportunities for others to free their entrepreneurial spirits and lift themselves from poverty. 

With Pacha, when you buy locally, you're helping to create livelihoods globally. Check out more here

Pacha froth bombs!

Our purpose

Here at Pacha, we aren't just about giving, we are about empowering. We are about economic freedom and job skills. We are about providing people with the opportunity to discover their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our Mission


CREATE the finest environmentally sustainable products while providing maximum benefit to all stakeholders


SUPPORT W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) efforts through education and donation


IMPLEMENT sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle through entrepreneurship