Stories from the Field

W.A.S.H. Wagen Tour: The Daily Grind

Several weeks ago I was getting some parts for our oil tank. A worker at the store and I were just making small talk and, as it was Monday, the topic of the “Daily Grind” came up. He knew a little about our company and so he said, “but you must really like what you do!” I said without hesitation, “Yes, most definitely.” One of the reasons I do like my job so much is because we get to meet really awesome people. Here are some of the extraordinary people Abi and I got to meet on this tour:

Jake and Chris- 2 young VW mechanics with a fire for life unlike any other. Thank you for your help and for who you both choose to be.

Gayle- passionate and supportive store member with a love for VW’s. Thank for your kindness and passion for our company. You have been behind us from the beginning and have been a bright spot for us always!

Deeandria- former pastor and store member with a smile. Thank you for your warmness and enthusiasm behind our product.

The beginning of our W.A.S.H. tour was not without a few challenges; we had breakdowns in 3 states and many sleepless nights. Yes, we experience the “Daily Grind”, but it’s only because I’m not used to driving a ’71 VW and I tend to grind the gears while shifting from 1st to 2nd. Throughout all the challenges, it is evident just how much fun we get to have and how many extraordinary people we get to meet: people who look beyond the “Daily Grind” of life.

Not only do we enjoy the basics like having the ability to drink from the tap and having access to clean facilities, a luxury most people in the world don’t have, but we get to share love! That’s what the W.A.S.H. Wagen is all about!