At Pacha Soap, we believe our business can free people. With Pacha, when you buy locally, you’re helping to create livelihoods globally. We enact our mission through the set-up of soap shops, clean water initiatives and other sustainable ventures in developing nations. By purchasing our all-natural, environmentally safe and artfully crafted bath products, Pacha Soap’s customers provide opportunities for others to free their entrepreneurial spirits and lift themselves from poverty around the world.

With the help of our partners, we have donated 3,401,670 bars of soap, created 256 jobs, educated over 74,078 children and supplied over 4,000 people with clean water. From assisting with drilling our wells, to certifying we use the most ethical and sustainable ingredients in our products, our partners play an integral part of what we do every day.

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We help communities help themselves by training, equipping, and supporting their own passion to thrive. 

Our model promotes dignity by providing men the opportunity to work. It offers women options and the freedom to hope and nurture their children. It gives children their health and an opportunity for education. It gives communities back to themselves.

Our mission lives at the crossroads of our heart and our actions, of our desire to share our faith, and our passion to solve the world water crisis.

Because of God’s love for us, we seek to speak and act out of the good news in all we do to foster entrepreneurship and sustainably address the water crisis.

Palm Done Right

You may have heard of all the destruction Asian palm oil is causing-which is a real issue when over half of the items on grocery store shelves contain palm oil. But that’s not the full story. Palm Done Right is an international movement to get the word out about the positive ripple effect that happens when palm oil is grown-and companies are run-in a way that nurtures animals, people, communities and the environment. We’re proud to say we source Palm Done Right for our products, and to be a part of spreading the word.

Imagine Burundi- Terimbere

Imagine Burundi-Terimbere is a Burundian foundation, which was established in 2012 in order to empower mainly women through education in handcrafts.

The Foundation was established by Gilbert Hakizumukama (Burundi) and Mogens Nygaard Petersen (Denmark), who both have many years of experience from aid- and development work. Since 2012 the handcraft has been joined by teams who today have been trained in producing soap, oil, health products and articles, furniture, clothes, masons, and a water drilling team, combined with WASH training.


Imagine Burundi Terimbere has a commercial approach to poverty reduction. The Mission is to provide the right skills for poor families and communities so they through commerce can establish a future and fight against poverty and gender based violence.


Imagine Burundi is specialized as implementing partner for smaller and larger companies/organizations / NGOs. Together with our partners we create solutions that make the greatest benefit in the villages and communities. We explore, identify and implement the most innovative and sustainable development projects, targeting the individual needs of villages and communities. Our social business plan is to go away from “giving” and instead taking into account people’s skills and ideas. All with the purpose of creating jobs so people can get an income.

To support this, we have chosen to have a small but skilled staff, minimizing our costs, and instead using local labor in our project areas. This to let the economy stay in the local community, instead of sending high-paying specialists from Bujumbura. Likewise, it is important for us that local workers feel ownership and responsibility to the locals.

Shape International

John and Kim Mann founded SHAPE International in September 2010. SHAPE was founded with the purpose of providing training and education to the poor in developing countries. SHAPE is dedicated to bringing hope to people through training and education. Our headquarters is located at SHAPE Eco Farm in Wake Forest, North Carolina on 5 acres. We offer educational farm and nature tours and teach classes on sustainable agriculture, raising livestock, and aquaponics.

SHAPE International, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.