Stories from the Field

Meet the Seamstresses!

Posted by Abi Vrbas on October 27, 2016

  Meet the seamstress who sewed your bag! Félicité Tuyisabe | 39 years old | Brown “Burundi” Bag Felicité is very happy and grateful to be on the sewing team. She plans to invest in a portion of land where she will cultivate cassava, beans and maize. And, because of a lack of funds, she has not …

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Concrete Examples of Soapy Goodness

Posted by Abi Vrbas on May 31, 2016

Pacha Soap is mission-driven. When you buy our soap you get the finest environmentally sustainable products we can create, and you send a ripple of good out into the world by joining with us to: Support W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) efforts through education and donation Implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle through entrepreneurship Here are concrete examples …

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“We Win Twice: Toilets and Jobs”

Posted by Abi Vrbas on May 13, 2016

This is the story of Lea Bimenyimana from Kamakara, Burundi, Africa. She is a young woman, 32 years old, with 2 children: one boy and one girl. In her life, one thing that was an obstacle for her was going to the toilet. She had to run far before she arrived at her neighbor’s to use the toilet. After hearing that two toilets …

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From Zero to Twenty

Posted by Abi Vrbas on May 10, 2016

You have raised the bar for the quality of life in Burundi!  Through your purchases of Pacha Soap and support of our Raise the Bar campaign, our friends in the Kamakara community (population 2,500) now have twenty toilets and twenty hand washing facilities where there were none. Improved health and hygiene are just one valuable aspect of the …

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Monthly Raise the Bar Report – Dec. 2015

Posted by Abi Vrbas on January 5, 2016

Turning Soap into Green Burundian soap makers reinvesting in community Hello Pacha Soap Supporters! Our team finds great joy in providing one of the most unique, beautiful, and quality soaps on the market. It is truly a joy to work with all of you in different capacities. We are delighted to create a wonderful product …

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Monthly Raise the Bar Report – Nov. 2015

Posted by Abi Vrbas on November 12, 2015

Hello Pacha Soap Supporters, This month, we are featuring the amazing soap makers through photos! It is our goal to create the highest quality soap for our customers, while providing much-needed soap for those in need! Whether stationed at the Pacha Soap headquarters in Hastings, NE or in Burundi, Africa, these soap makers work hard to make it happen. Enjoy …

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Monthly “Raise the Bar” Report – October

Posted by Abi Vrbas on October 2, 2015

Hello Pacha Soap Supporters, Recently, our giving partner Imagine Burundi, shared some encouraging statistics with us. They surveyed 5 school head masters, 25 teachers, and 15 parents from Rugombo and Mugina about the impact the monthly soap donations are making. Here are the results… Q: To what extent are you able to follow up on correct use of soap …

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Monthly “Raise the Bar” Report- Sep. 2015

Posted by Abi Vrbas on August 28, 2015

Hello Pacha Soap Supporters! It is our joy and honor to share specific numbers with you all each month regarding Pacha’s buy-one, give-one campaign, Raise the Bar. As you know, for every bar of Pacha Soap you purchase, a bar is given to someone in need. Together, we’ve given over 146,000 bars just this year! Along with the buy-one, give-one …

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